Meet Birds and Bees Midwifery

We believe that every pregnancy and birth is a special and unique time for women. Our desire is a healthy baby and a healthy mom who feels she was given choices and informed consent during her entire experience. Whether a mom desires a candle-lit water home birth or a birth center birth or even a hospital birth with supportive providers; our goal is to make sure the mom and her support team are given all their choices with compassion and respect. We serve families all over Alaska.

Meet the Midwives
Midwife smiling while holding baby


Birth Your Way

We understand that pregnancy is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time in your life. Our goal is to give you informed care for all your birth options. Our Alaska midwife team will work with you and strive to give you the care you need and deserve.

Prenatal Care
Informative & Compassionate

We believe in women’s right to choose their birthing space. Whether that be in a birthing center, home or even in a hospital, we will work to give you the birth and prenatal care you desire. It’s never too late to switch providers and work with a certified professional midwife!

Postpartum/Newborn Care
In home support after birth

Nothing changes your life like a new baby. Our goal is to help ease that transition by providing care for you and your baby from the comfort of your home, including breastfeeding support and more.

Preventative Care

Whether you need your annual well woman exam, your thyroid checked, family planning services or you are trying to conceive; come visit our Nurse-Midwife in Alaska to learn all about your health and your options.


I followed Jenn H from her previous practice to Birds and Bees Midwifery. Best Midwives ever and really just amazing people to be around. If you are looking for a midwifery, these ladies are the best.- Samantha P.
Jen and Jen are absolutely wonderful and dedicated midwives. I have had the privilege to work with them, women in their community are lucky to have such a wonderful team to serve them.- Chinmayo F.
A tour of the midwifery and explanation of midwifery care from Jen C. was all it took to bring me round. After two births with her, I can’t imagine putting my wife through the hell the hospital birth was ever again. I can’t stand the whole birth process feeling so helpless and Jen makes me feel calmer and almost helpful. She has great rapport not only with the moms but with the dads too. I am comfortable enough with her that when I thought my wife had PPD I texted her and she was helpful and willing to talk to her. I can’t recommend her enough.- Karl B.
After 4 awful hospital births (cold, rushed, uncaring, forced episiotomies) I had 2 beautiful healing births with Jenn Cave. She is such an intuitive, kind, gentle, calming soul, and her experience and knowledge are unmatched. I cannot recommend her enough!- Nicole B.
Jennifer, the only midwife in the valley that would take me as a Home Birth After Cesarean client. You are my hero!- Sarah M.


Palmer Location: 342 S Alaska St.
Anchorage Location: 505 W Northern Lights Blvd.
Soldonta Location: 104 S Binkley, Suite B

Jennifer Hoadley, CNM: (907) 315-9079

Jennifer Cave, CPM, CDM: (907) 315-9916

FAX: (907)-313-1383